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Magh Table morning greets us with the aroma of fresh coffee, cereals and newspaper. In the afternoon we meet with him even though everyone in the household to be together for a while. This table from the collection of Magha is not just a utilitarian piece of furniture, but will provide your interior a cozy atmosphere and add to its character. Our table stands sturdy yet lightweight design. It is the perfect piece of furniture at which meet family members, friends and guests. If you have nice neighbors that choose our longest version of the table and invite them to each other. Bon appetite!

„It's the perfect furniture, at the intersection of the family members, friends and guests."
CEO Deffine Furniture

table MAGH 198 x 100

The largest available in our collection of Magh tables. The table top has a size of 198 x 100 cm.
The table comes with two drawers and two additional storage spaces are located at the ends of countertops. Access to storage followed by lifting the ends of the tabletop.

There are three different coloring top: white, graphite, natural - oak.

table MAGH 160 x 90

Medium table from the collection of Magh. The table top size 160 x 90 cm. As in the other tables in this collection top is available in three different dyeing white, graphite and natural - oak. The table is also equipped with two practical drawers.

table MAGH 140 x 80

The smallest of the tables available in the collection of Magh. The table top size 140 x 80 cm. The basic features of this furniture is compact, expressive design and three different coloring countertop to choose from. The table is also equipped with two practical drawers.


Chest of drawers is available in three sizes. It has both drawers and cabinets used to store larger items. Pure white furniture emphasizes the originality of its shape and the roles of fully here holders interesting sequence of holes and rails located in the front.

"All elements of the collection have a solid, stable construction, captivate with their simplicity and form. Invisible at first glance, the details will make you want to take a look at this collection closer. As you can see traditional solid piece of furniture and modern design are not mutually exclusive."
head designer Deffine Furniture
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Set up a table with us you need. The table top can choose according to your tastes. Available in three colors: graphite, white and oak. Made from heat-resistant materials and is available in size 160, 180 and 198 cm. The legs are made of solid oak form a closed structure. Table top is made of lacquered MDF.

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