Meble do salonu, jadalni, krzesła tapicerowane, stoły dębowe - Absynth


ABSYNTH is a new, inspiring brand of furniture was created for people who are interested in decoration, interior design and furniture design. This is another (after the Timoore brand) initiative FURNITURE Deffine this time addressed to adults seeking a great, an original design. The new brand is a proposal addressed to the people vigorous, open to new challenges, for which the form and function of the object form a single integral value.


Design Absynth furniture corresponds directly with the most interesting trends in global design. It draws on native traditions furniture, as well as the experiences of European furniture manufacturers. It is the result of an unusual combination of traditional materials with a completely new form of furniture. Furniture ABSYNTH created for lovers of simple, modern design, including the very popular Scandinavian style to which we have added a bit of an industrial character.


Our work on Absynth brand products this is multi-step process. Each step of this work is equally important for us. In this context it is extremely crucial to harmonious cooperation between of Design Department , Technology and Production. The result of a precise approach to the formation of the furniture is a product that meets the expectations of our customers.

We created our brand to inspire all good design-lovers, sensitive to the beauty,that surrounds us. People who appreciate and celebrate life in all of its aspects.
PR manager
This excellent and modern design Absynth brand is always considered constructions these furniture.
technolog manager DEFFINE FURNITURE
We prove that they are specially for you!
Absynth form is the result of researching new, fresh aesthetics in the context of known and proven repeatedly materials and technology.
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Marki ABSYNTH oraz TIMOORE są wyłączną własnością DEFFINE Furniture Sp. z o.o.
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