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    We are delighted to announce that in the period from 25th April to 25 Mai 2014 Deffine Furniture offers 10% discount for any purchase of our furniture in excess of PLn 4 000. The promotion includes all furniture out of the current trade offer
    Timoore and Absynth brand.

  • 14 listopada 2013

    FUNCTION and STYLE - we present
    a NOOK collection.

    NOOK is a set of modern, modular furniture designed especially for salons and living rooms. It's very impressive, interestingly styled furniture perfectly suited to the most current design trends. A multitude of bodies - interesting layouts of cabinets and shelves, striking the cabinets, windows and TV cabinets, as well as interesting color palette encourages experimentation and creative play.
    Collection currently consists of several blocks, which together can be freely combined. WELCOME to bookmark COLLECTIONS, where you can thoroughly familiar with these exceptional furniture.

25 luty 2013

Kolekcja NOOK z dizajnerskiej serii mebli ABSYNTH Produktem Roku.

Nasza najnowsza kolekcja „NOOK”, zwyciężyła w kategorii „meble do salonu”, w jedenastej edycji konkursu „Meble Plus – Produkt Roku”.Po zdobyciu za NOOK tytułu „Diament Meblarstwa 2013” zostaliśmy wyróżnieni po raz kolejny. Jedenastą edycję konkursu „Meble Plus – Produkt Roku” reprezentowało 39-osobowe Jury, w skład którego weszli architekci, projektanci wnętrz, przedstawiciele salonów.

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